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Now Accepting C.P.M. Bridge Applications

April 14, 2006 - With a newly revised Certification Handbook and Application the Universal Public Purchasing Council (UPPCC) is now able to accept applications from C.P.M. certificants interested in bridging effective immediately. The Council announced on March 1, 2006 that it would be offering a bridging process for current C.P.M. certificants to the UPPCC public sector certifications.

Individuals wishing to achieve the CPPO (Certified Public Purchasing Officer) or CPPB (Certified Professional Public Buyer) certifications through the UPPCC bridge must hold a valid and current C.P.M. certification and meet all applicable eligibility requirements. The bridging opportunity acknowledges a candidate's previous testing experience through the C.P.M. and desires only to test the individual public sector application of the procurement cycle which is unique to UPPCC certifications. C.P.M. certificants bridging to CPPB will be required to take an abbreviated written examination. Those bridging to CPPO will not be required to take the written portion, but will only be required to take the oral examination.

Council staff has developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist interested C.P.M. certificants in navigating the bridging process. Bridge examinations will be offered from August 1, 2006 through December 31, 2008.



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