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New CPPO/CPPB Certification Exams Coming in 2021!   Click here for details

New Exams for October 2021

The Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC), the recognized leader in universal public procurement certification, announced new examinations for both the Certified Public Procurement Officer® (CPPO®) and Certified Professional Public Buyer® (CPPB®) effective with the October 18 – 30, 2021, examination window.

The change to the examinations comes after the completion of the most recent universal Job Analysis in June 2020. The examinations are based on the competencies that underpin the profession of public procurement. 

The CPPO exam focuses on all competencies needed to demonstrate leadership in the six domain areas, while the CPPB exam focuses on the practice-level knowledge required to be proficient in this important work.

The six new major domain headings and associated weightings for each examination are provided in the UPPCC Body of Knowledge & Competency (BoK-C) summary table below.

The detailed BoK-C for each exam is also available via the links below:

UPPCC Body of Knowledge & Competency (BoK-C) Domain Areas



Legal Framework



Procurement Planning and Analysis



Sourcing and Solicitation



Contract Development and Management






Business Principles





The current examination will be available through the May 2021 exam window. Applicants and candidates interested in taking the current exams but do not already have an approved application on file with UPPCC, will need to apply by Feb 11, 2021 for the May 2021 examination window. May 2021 will be the final exam window where the existing exams will be offered.

The UPPCC intends to have details available over the next month and will post these on our website when they are available. We also intend to provide these to our educational partners to enable them to begin planning their training programs.

There are no current plans to change eligibility requirements for either program.

No, fees for certification are expected to remain as they are today through the launch of the new examinations.

The UPPCC is working with our partners to have prep courses and other resources available for October 2021 candidates. The UPPCC will expand the area on our website where CPPO and CPPB Prep Courses are posted to include other training and education resources aligned with the new exams.

Each new Job Analysis process results in subsequent updates to the certification examinations, and the UPPCC has progressively added more competency-based test items to its examinations with each update. Application-level or situational questions were introduced in 2008 for both exams in 2008 and analysis level questions were introduced for CPPO in 2014. The 2021 examinations will again raise the bar and with even more focus given to a candidate’s ability to apply knowledge and skill successfully and competently to effectively perform as a CPPO or a CPPB. UPPCC will continue to test candidates using multiple-choice questions, but with more emphasis on scenario-based test items, testlets and items that incorporate visual and graphic elements.

Yes, incorporated in the new test design plan, the UPPCC will have the ability to issue scores to candidates immediately following the examination beginning in 2022.