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Kenneth Duke, CPPB -- Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Kenneth Duke, CPPB -- Dallas Area Rapid Transit

I lead a team of four fantastic Contract Specialist responsible for procuring and administrating contracts valued over $1.2 billion. These contracts include large capital purchases of Revenue and Non-revenue Vehicles, Light Rail and Heavy Rail Operations and Maintenances, Energy, and Mobility Management Services.

I have A CPPB and plan to obtain the CPPO in the next year

The pathway to obtaining certification improves job performance. Many of us have only learned purchasing from our own agencies’ perspectives. The prep course opens the student’s eyes to the complexity of issues that our industry peers contend with. 

Once I obtained my certification, I felt empowered to confidently support my customers, reassured that my acquisition plan rested within the industry’s best practices. I was able to produce better outcomes when soliciting and negotiating contracts. This led to my co-workers asking for my professional advice.  

I interview people for department new hires or promotions. I see people that have 10 years of procurement experience that have no idea how public procurement works. They just know how to do the assigned tasks they’ve had for the last 10 years. Conversely, I have never seen someone who has a CPPB or CPPO who does not understand public procurement.     

Having the CPPB is more than just a badge of honor. Getting it takes smarts, talent, experience and willingness to improve. Keeping it takes ethical dedication to the profession. If you’re a rookie get it and prove yourself. If you’re an uncertified veteran procurement professional, it’s time to test your metal. 

Kenneth Duke, CPPB
Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)
Manager, Procurement
Dallas, TX



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