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Current Body of Knowledge and Competency (BoK-C) for the CPPO and CPPB   Click here for details

Newly certified individuals from the May 2019 exams

First Name Last Name Certification  Full Name City State/Province Country
Gregory Algie CPPB Gregory S. Algie, CPPB Fort Thomas KY USA
Paul Aliu CPPB Paul I. Aliu, CPPB Washington DC USA
Gerald Amacker CPPB Gerald W. Amacker, CPPB Herndon VA USA
Richard Amneus CPPB Richard Amneus, CPPB Grants Pass OR USA
Melissa Anderson CPPB Melissa Anderson, CPPB Cardington OH USA
Robin Annexstein CPPB Robin B. Annexstein, CPPB Delray Beach FL USA
Patricia Armstrong CPPB Patricia D. Armstrong, CPPB West Palm Beach FL USA
Kim Austin CPPB Kimberly Austin, CPPB Pillager MN USA
Kimberli Barber CPPB Kimberli Renee Barber-Posey, CPPB Nashville TN USA
Joe Barrios CPPB Jose G. Barrios, CPPB Austin TX USA
Brittney Bookout CPPB Brittney Bookout, CPPB Fort Washington MD USA
Cheri Brandt CPPB Cheri Estrada, CPPB Tacoma WA USA
Maria Brissette CPPB Maria Therese Brissette, CPPB Kingman AZ USA
Tracy Brizendine CPPB Tracy Brizendine, CPPB Arcadia FL USA
Michelle Brizzi CPPB Michelle Sandradene Brizzi, CPPB Stafford VA USA
Adam Brooke CPPB Adam Brooke, CPPB Fort Myers FL USA
Monica Brown CPPB Monica Brown, CPPB Washington DC USA
Colette Brown CPPB Colette Brown, CPPB Salt Lake City UT USA
Robert Bruce CPPB Robert J. Bruce, CPPB Linthicum MD USA
Pixie Calderwood CPPB Pixie M. Calderwood, CPPB Ashburn VA USA
Christine Carpenter CPPB Christine Helen Carpenter, CPPB Bel Air MD USA
Melanie Cerritos CPPB Melanie Cerritos, CPPB Newmarket ON CAN
Melissa Chasteen CPPB Melissa Chasteen, CPPB Richmond VA USA
Michelle Childers CPPB Michelle Childers, CPPB Winfield WV USA
Zachary Christensen CPPB Zachary A. Christensen, CPPB Sandy UT USA
Nicole Cifci CPPB Nicole Cifci, CPPB Centreville VA USA
Sherry Cochran-Schmees CPPB Sherry Cochran-Schmees, CPPB Oklahoma City OK USA
Lindsay Collazo CPPB Lindsay E. Collazo, CPPB Coral Gables FL USA
Michael Cook CPPB Michael Dan Cook, CPPB Brandon MS USA
Kara Daniel CPPB Kara M. Daniel, CPPB Springfield MO USA
Danielle Davis CPPB Danielle Davis, CPPB Littleton CO USA
Rebecca Diaz CPPB Rebecca Anne Diaz, CPPB Pasco WA USA
Charlita Diggs-Randle CPPB Charlita E. Diggs- Randle, CPPB Columbus OH USA
Ryan Doil CPPB Ryan K. Doil, CPPB Portland ME USA
Kathryn Dougherty CPPB Kathryn Dougherty, CPPB Oldsmar FL USA
Janet Dudley CPPB Janet Susan Dudley, CPPB Yorktown VA USA
Kimberly Elizondo CPPB Kimberly Elizondo, CPPB Round Rock TX USA
Lori Englehart-Jewell CPPB Lori Englehart-Jewell, CPPB Quincy WA USA
Anna Epps CPPB Anna B. Epps, CPPB Chicago IL USA
Heylicken Espinoza CPPB Heylicken Espinoza, CPPB North Miami FL USA
Donnie Fawver CPPB Donnie Fawver, CPPB Knoxville TN USA
Ann-Marie Fraser CPPB Ann-Marie Chantrice Fraser, CPPB Palm Bay FL USA
Amy Gardner CPPB Amy Allen Gardner, CPPB Suffolk VA USA
Todd Gastorf CPPB Todd Douglas Gastorf, CPPB Richardson TX USA
Desbele Gebre CPPB Desbele K Gebre, CPPB Fairfield CA USA
Gabriel Gnall CPPB Gabriel Gnall, CPPB Davidsonville MD USA
Candy Goff CPPB Candy Bailey Goff, CPPB Martinez GA USA
Jeanette Gray CPPB Jeanette M Gray, CPPB Kennesaw GA USA
Abhishek Grover CPPB Abhishek Grover, CPPB Toronto ON CAN
Christopher Hacker CPPB Christopher J Hacker, CPPB Hamilton OH USA
Brenda Hannu CPPB Brenda Hannu, CPPB Denver CO USA
Todd Harris CPPB Todd Harris, CPPB London ON CAN
Katherine Hens CPPB Katherine Y. Hens, CPPB Le Roy NY USA
Lauren Higgins CPPB Lauren Higgins, CPPB McKinney TX USA
John Hilbun CPPB John R. Hilbun, CPPB Austin TX USA
Anthony Hinds CPPB Anthony W. Hinds, CPPB Portsmouth VA USA
Lesley Hunter CPPB Lesley Anna Hunter, CPPB Annapolis MD USA
Lisvett Jaen CPPB Lisvett J. Jaen, CPPB Rockaway Park NY USA
Christine Jones CPPB Christine M Jones, CPPB Lithia FL USA
Daemien Jones CPPB Daemien J. Jones, CPPB Sumerduck VA USA
Alonzo Joseph CPPB Alonzo Joseph, CPPB Pembroke Pines FL USA
Danielle Keeton CPPB Danielle Keeton, CPPB North Chesterfield VA USA
Douglas Kissick CPPB Douglas M Kissick, CPPB Fairfax VA USA
Jackie Lagade CPPB Jackie M. Lagade, CPPB Fountain Valley CA USA
Chris Landers CPPB Christopher Landers, CPPB Evans GA USA
Phillip Lawrence CPPB Phillip Lawrence, CPPB Calgary AB CAN
Melissa Lawrence CPPB Melissa Lawrence, CPPB Wheat Ridge CO USA
Corey Leslie CPPB Corey W Leslie, CPPB Bloomington IL USA
Angel Lopez CPPB Angel Luis Lopez III, CPPB West Palm Beach FL USA
Ana Machiche CPPB Ana M. Machiche, CPPB Litchfield Park AZ USA
Monic MacVicar CPPB Monic P. MacVicar, CPPB Saint John NB CAN
Mildred Maldonado CPPB Mildred Maldonado, CPPB Kissimmee FL USA
Orlando Martinez CPPB Orlando Martinez, CPPB Miami FL USA
David Matthews CPPB David Matthews, CPPB Salem OR USA
Joan McAvoy CPPB Joan E. McAvoy, CPPB Carol Stream IL USA
Dyanna McMullen CPPB Dyanna S. McMullen, CPPB Virginia Beach VA USA
Kelly Mehring CPPB Kelly A. Mehring, CPPB Springfield IL USA
Hector Meneses CPPB Hector F. Meneses, CPPB Dupont WA USA
Elizabeth Millwee CPPB Elizabeth Millwee, CPPB Aptos CA USA
Jennifer Myles CPPB Jennifer L Myles, CPPB Santa Rosa CA USA
Bruce Neel CPPB Bruce Neel, CPPB Ostrander OH USA
Stephen Nelson CPPB Stephen Nelson, CPPB Eugene OR USA
Robbin Odowski CPPB Robbin Renee Odowski, CPPB Gainesville FL USA
Sue Pawlik CPPB Sue Pawlik, CPPB Pearland TX USA
Vernice Ramirez CPPB Verenice Ramirez, CPPB Duarte CA USA
John Richards CPPB John Richards, CPPB Orem UT USA
Lisa Robbins CPPB Lisa Robbins, CPPB Kansas City MO USA
Annette Roberts CPPB Annette M Roberts, CPPB Conway SC USA
Cristiane Rodriguez CPPB Cristiane Zilli Rodriguez, CPPB Hollywood FL USA
Robert Rounds CPPB Robert Rounds, CPPB Columbus OH USA
Zara Sadeghian CPPB Zara Sadeghian, CPPB San Diego CA USA
Michael Schieve CPPB Michael E. Schieve, CPPB Chicago IL USA
Kaylin Schreiber CPPB Kaylin Gaal Schreiber, CPPB Alexandria VA USA
Joy Schwank CPPB Joy Schwank, CPPO, CPPB Lewiston ID USA
Yahsueh Shen CPPB Irene (Yahsueh) Shen, CPPB Fremont CA USA
Krystle Sigman CPPB Krystle Sigman, CPPB Florence AZ USA
Taneya Simpson CPPB Taneya N. Simpson, CPPB Orlando FL USA
Jason Skelton CPPB Jason Skelton, CPPB Meridian ID USA
Jason Steinmann CPPB Jason J. Steinmann, CPPB Salt Lake City UT USA
Signe Sugiyama CPPB Signe Sugiyama, CPPB Santa Rosa CA USA
Erica Sutton CPPB Erica Sutton, CPPB Springfield MO USA
James Tanzosch CPPB James Tanzosch, CPPB Grinnell IA USA
Susana Tello CPPB Susana Tello, CPPB San Diego CA USA
Kendrick Thomas CPPB Kendrick Thomas, CPPB DeLand FL USA
Kim Truong CPPB Kim Truong, CPPB San Jose CA USA
Iris VanVoorhis CPPB Iris Nicole VanVoorhis, CPPB Conway SC USA
Phillip Vasquez CPPB Phillip J. Vasquez, CPPB Carrollton TX USA
Janet Vivian CPPB Janet Vivian, CPPB Edgewater FL USA
Tina Waterman CPPB Tina M.  Waterman, CPPB Claremont NH USA
Heather Whitehead CPPB Heather Whitehead, CPPB Knoxville TN USA
Faith Williams CPPB Faith Valeria Mack Williams, CPPB Columbia SC USA
Jessica Williams CPPB Jessica Hope Williams, CPPB Conway SC USA
Anavelyn Wrigley CPPB Anavelyn Wrigley, CPPB Waynesboro VA USA
Michael Zakaria CPPB Michael Zakaria, CPPB Sarasota FL USA
DeAnna Anderson CPPO DeAnna Anderson, CPPO, CPPB St Petersburg FL USA
Chester Bourne CPPO Chester Ryan Bourne, CPPO Laurel MD USA
Sara Brinkmoeller CPPO Sara K. Brinkmoeller, CPPO Fairfax VA USA
Jeremy Carney CPPO Jeremy Carney, CPPO Alexandria VA USA
Sandra Clavet CPPO Sandra A. Clavet, CPPO Salem OR USA
James Garrison CPPO James B. Garrison, CPPO, CPPB Seymour TN USA
Lisa Glasco CPPO Lisa Glasco, CPPO, CPPB Jonesboro AR USA
Andrew Janos CPPO Andrew M. Janos, CPPO Fairfax VA USA
Manuel Jimenez CPPO Manuel A. Jimenez, CPPO, CPPB Sunny Isles Beach FL USA
Sharon Jones CPPO Sharon E. Jones, CPPO, CPPB Barrie ON CAN
Laura Justice CPPO Laura Kathleen Justice, CPPO Thornton CO USA
Tina Lake-Clinkscales CPPO Tina R Clinkscales, CPPO, CPPB Detroit MI USA
Gregory Long CPPO Gregory A. Long, CPPO Sanford FL USA
Christopher Martin CPPO Christopher Martin, CPPO Sugar Land TX USA
Jennifer Miller CPPO Jennifer L. Miller, CPPO, CPPB Berlin MD USA
Julie Moellering CPPO Julie A. Moellering, CPPO O Fallon MO USA
Andrea Philyaw CPPO Andrea L. Philyaw, CPPO, CPPB Broadlands VA USA
Federico Reyes CPPO Federico Reyes, Jr., CPPO Midland TX USA
Joy Schwank CPPO Joy Schwank, CPPO, CPPB Lewiston ID USA
Karen Sherrill CPPO Karen L. Sherrill, CPPO Worthington OH USA
Daniel Smith CPPO Daniel Gillis Smith, CPPO Washington DC USA
Ashley Stewart CPPO Ashley Stewart, CPPO Springfield IL USA
Brienne Wilkins CPPO Brienne J Wilkins, CPPO Lavon TX USA
Lloyd Windle CPPO Lloyd B. Windle II, CPPO, CPPB Tucson AZ USA
Tina Wright CPPO Tina Marie Wright, CPPO Newton NC USA

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