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Newly certified individuals from the October 2020 exams

First Name Last Name Certification  Full Name City State/Province Country
Nathan Adams CPPB Nathan Adams, CPPB Apopka FL USA
Dawn Allshouse CPPB Dawn C. Allshouse, CPPB Carson City NV USA
Evan Amidan CPPB Evan Amidan, CPPB Boise ID USA
Sarah Andrews CPPB Sarah Andrews, CPPB Poughkeepsie NY USA
Lucia Apted CPPB Lucia Apted, CPPB Barrie ON CAN
Amanda Asher CPPB Amanda Asher, CPPB Kitchener ON CAN
Mark Atkins CPPB Mark A. Atkins, CPPB South Charleston WV USA
Charles Atwater CPPB Charles F. Atwater Jr., CPPB Charleston SC USA
Susan August CPPB Susan L August, CPPB Lindenhurst IL USA
Brooke Baker CPPB Brooke Rochelle Baker, CPPB Bradenton FL USA
Claudia Barton CPPB Claudia Barton, CPPB Doylestown PA USA
Harneer Batra CPPB Harneer Batra, CPPB Kitchener ON CAN
Janice Becerra CPPB Janice Becerra, CPPB Fremont CA USA
Jason Bezak CPPB Jason Joseph Bezak, CPPB Port Saint Lucie FL USA
Allison Blunt CPPB Allison Irene Blunt, CPPB Holland Landing ON CAN
Paula Boyce CPPB Paula Boyce, CPPB Bradenton FL USA
Kelsey Braun-Shirley CPPB Kelsey Marie Braun-Shirley, CPPB Tucson AZ USA
Krysti Brotherton CPPB Krysti L. Brotherton, CPPB Stuart FL USA
Kamal Buchanan CPPB Kamal Buchanan, CPPB Apple Valley MN USA
Norma Camacho CPPB Norma Camacho, CPPB Tucson AZ USA
James Canjar CPPB James Nichols Canjar, CPPB Melbourne FL USA
Paula Carter CPPB Paula A. Carter, CPPB Fort Myers FL USA
Brooke Cashion CPPB Brooke Cashion, CPPB Cincinnati OH USA
Jeremy Chan CPPB Jeremy Chan, CPPB Las Vegas NV USA
Teresa Chapman CPPB Teresa Chapman, CPPB Tucson AZ USA
Darlene Charles CPPB Darlene I Charles, CPPB Miramar FL USA
Ryan Chase CPPB Ryan Chase, CPPB Everett WA USA
Abigail Chittenden CPPB Abigail Lynn Chittenden, CPPB Indianapolis IN USA
Alice Cho CPPB Alice Cho, CPPB San Mateo CA USA
Gayle Christensen CPPB Gayle Christensen, CPPB Sandy UT USA
Arden Clark CPPB Arden Clark, CPPB Richmond VA USA
Emily Cranfill CPPB Emily Cranfill, CPPB Carmel IN USA
Kristie Cumberland CPPB Kristie Cumberland, CPPB Lake Charles LA USA
Tarah Daugherty CPPB Tarah Daugherty, CPPB Lees Summit MO USA
Donald Davidge CPPB Don Davidge, CPPB Edmonton AB CAN
Zuleika Davidson CPPB Zuleika Davidson, CPPB Miami FL USA
Tanya Davio CPPB Tanya Davio, CPPB Ajax ON CAN
Cynthia Davis CPPB Cynthia Lavonne Davis, CPPB Arlington VA USA
Jessica Davis CPPB Jessica V Davis, CPPB Washington DC USA
Zachary DeVine CPPB Zachary S. DeVine, CPPB San Jose CA USA
Sydnee Distance CPPB Sydnee D. Distance, CPPB Gwynn Oak MD USA
John Donato CPPB John Donato, CPPO, CPPB Chicago IL USA
Connie Donley CPPB Connie Donley, CPPB Chamblee GA USA
Natalee Downer CPPB Natalee Downer, CPPB West Palm Beach FL USA
Xiaoyan Duan CPPB Xiaoyan Duan, CPPB Union City CA USA
Holly Durrance CPPB Holly Rebecca Durrance, CPPB Bunnell FL USA
Sonja Eubank CPPB Sonja Eubank, CPPB Carrollton VA USA
Alicia Festa CPPB Alicia Festa, CPPB Bothell WA USA
Danny Flores CPPB Danny Flores, CPPB Miami Beach FL USA
Joshua French CPPB Joshua Alan French, CPPB Knoxville TN USA
Lillian Garcia CPPB Lillian Garcia, CPPB Tampa FL USA
Jessica Gardea CPPB Jessica M Gardea, CPPB Santa Ana CA USA
Jason Garrett CPPB Jason T. Garrett, CPPB Owensboro KY USA
Sherman Gee CPPB Sherman Gee, CPPB San Francisco CA USA
Leigh Ann Gileno CPPB Leigh Gileno, CPPB Beaumont CA USA
Regan Givens CPPB Regan Givens, CPPB Olympia WA USA
Michael Gladish CPPB Michael William Gladish, CPPB La Quinta CA USA
Jessica Goforth CPPB Jessica Goforth, CPPB Erdenheim PA USA
Justin Hansen CPPB Justin Hansen, CPPB Paso Robles CA USA
Brittani Harden CPPB Brittani Sheree Harden, CPPB Key West FL USA
Ian Harris CPPB Ian Harris, CPPB St Thomas ON CAN
Lorrayne Hayes CPPB Lorrayne Kubicki Hayes, CPPB Clearwater FL USA
Curtis Heath CPPB Curtis Michael Sargent Heath, CPPB Oxnard CA USA
Jennifer Hefley CPPB Jennifer E. Hefley, CPPB Peoria AZ USA
David Hindman CPPB David C. Hindman, CPPB Little Rock AR USA
Cammy Hoang CPPB Cammy Hoang, CPPB Youngtown AZ USA
Jacqueline Holland CPPB Jacqueline A Holland, CPPB Canton GA USA
Raymond Jenkins CPPB Raymond B Jenkins, CPPB North Charleston SC USA
Tamara John CPPB Tamara John, CPPB Tempe AZ USA
Jovan Johnson CPPB Jovan Johnson, CPPB Chicago IL USA
Nadia Johnson CPPB Nadia Michelle Johnson, CPPB Columbia SC USA
Ruby Kakita CPPB Ruby Joan Kakita, CPPB Ogden UT USA
Katharine Kamieniecki CPPB Katharine M. Kamieniecki, CPPB Baltimore MD USA
Karin Kietzman CPPB Karin M. Kietzman, CPPB Naperville IL USA
Rickey Kinnard CPPB Rickey L Kinnard, CPPB Biloxi MS USA
Dawn Krank CPPB Dawn M Krank, CPPB Golden CO USA
Tomek Kruszec CPPB Tomasz Antoni Kruszec, CPPB Lynchburg VA USA
Carol Lang CPPB Carol R. Lang, CPPB Maricopa AZ USA
Jason LaPierre CPPB Jason LaPierre, CPPB El Reno OK USA
Sid Levy CPPB Sid Levy, CPPB Pinole CA USA
Sherman Lewis CPPB Sherman G. Lewis, CPPB Hialeah FL USA
Lillian Lin CPPB Lillian Lin, CPPB West Covina CA USA
Maria Lombardo CPPB Maria Sabrina Lombardo, CPPB Tottenham ON CAN
Hendry Lopez CPPB Hendry J Lopez, CPPB Miami FL USA
Michael Lowe CPPB Michael D. Lowe, CPPB Salisbury MD USA
Melinda Macias CPPB Melinda Macias, CPPB Loves Park IL USA
Pamela MacLellan CPPB Pamela MacLellan, CPPB Peterborough ON CAN
Andrea Madrigal Ramsey CPPB Andrea Madrigal-Ramsey, CPPB Paso Robles CA USA
Pamela Malech CPPB Pamela H. Malech, CPPB Bowie MD USA
Vanessa Mann CPPB Vanessa Mann, CPPB Elkhorn WI USA
Katherine Markle CPPB Katherine Markle, CPPB Virginia Beach VA USA
Jessalyn Marks CPPB Jessalyn Covell Marks, CPPB Tallahassee FL USA
Julio Marquez CPPB Julio C. Marquez, CPPB Chowchilla CA USA
DeRita Mason CPPB DeRita Mason, CPPB Crestview FL USA
Lenore McCall CPPB Lenore C. McCall, CPPB Riverside CA USA
Jessica Meiners CPPB Jessica L. Meiners, CPPB Lebanon MO USA
Andrew Miskell CPPB Andrew Mikell Miskell, CPPB Thornton CO USA
Dominique Mitchell CPPB Dominique P Mitchell, CPPB Charlotte NC USA
Leslie Mitchell CPPB Leslie Mitchell, CPPB Edmonton AB CAN
John Morris CPPB Garrett Morris, CPPB Staunton VA USA
Whitney Mugford-Smith CPPB Whitney Mugford-Smith, CPPB Lakewood CO USA
Brandon Nealey CPPB Brandon Nealey, CPPB Miami FL USA
Brad Oberbeck CPPB Brad Oberbeck, CPPB Springfield MO USA
CoriDawn Oleson CPPB CoriDawn Oleson, CPPB Taylor UT USA
Aaron Olson CPPB Aaron C. Olson, CPPB Sarasota FL USA
Jennifer Olzinger CPPB Jennifer L. Olzinger, CPPB Pittsburgh PA USA
Denise Orcutt CPPB Denise Orcutt, CPPB Boca Raton FL USA
Antonio Palmer CPPB Antonio M. Palmer, CPPB Hampton VA USA
Tonya Parker-Rimes CPPB Tonya Parker-Rimes, CPPB Brooksville FL USA
Christine Perry CPPB Christine Perry, CPPB Littleton CO USA
Brett Peterson CPPB Brett Peterson, CPPB Phoenix AZ USA
Michelle Pickham CPPB Michelle Pickham, CPPB Fredericksburg VA USA
Gary Porth CPPB Gary B. Porth, CPPB Columbia SC USA
Stacie-Ann Richards CPPB Stacie-Ann Richards, CPPB Lauderdale Lakes FL USA
Thomas Riley CPPB Chris Riley, CPPB Seattle WA USA
Deborah Rivera CPPB Deborah Rivera, CPPB Pueblo CO USA
Kelly Rodriguez CPPB Kelly Rodriguez, CPPB Pflugerville TX USA
Tasha Rowe CPPB Tasha Rowe, CPPB Fort McMurray AB CAN
Lisa Russell CPPB Lisa M. Russell, CPPB Amelia Court House VA USA
Megan Saunders CPPB Megan Saunders, CPPB Seattle WA USA
Erin Schaffer CPPB Erin M. Schaffer, CPPB Milwaukee WI USA
Lucas Schau CPPB Lucas C. Schau, CPPB Ames IA USA
Naila Scott CPPB Naila J. Scott, CPPB Simpsonville SC USA
Daniel Seehagel CPPB Daniel Seehagel, CPPB Edmonton AB CAN
Misty Shafer CPPB Misty R Shafer, CPPB Bloomington IL USA
Japan Shah CPPB Japan Shah, CPPB Corpus Christi TX USA
Doug Shelton CPPB Doug Shelton, CPPB Dallas TX USA
James Sizemore CPPB James Allen Sizemore, CPPB Richmond KY USA
Kimberly Smiley CPPB Kimberly Smiley, CPPB Margate FL USA
Erica Smith CPPB Erica Smith, CPPB Georgetown TX USA
Elena Snow CPPB Elena Snow, CPPB Phoenix AZ USA
Tia Snyder CPPB Tia Snyder, CPPB HELENA MT USA
Derek Solomon CPPB Derek Devon Solomon, CPPB Fairfax VA USA
Valiant Sommers CPPB Valiant Conrad Sommers, CPPB Myrtle Beach SC USA
Ann Sowers CPPB Ann Sowers, CPPB Myrtle Beach SC USA
Roberta Stanton CPPB Roberta L. Stanton, CPPB Sanford FL USA
Brian Stieg CPPB Brian Stieg, CPPB Myersville MD USA
Sara Stravers CPPB Sara Stone, CPPB Salem OR USA
William Strong CPPB William E Strong, CPPB Salem OR USA
Jennifer Swisher CPPB Jennifer Swisher, CPPB Tower Hill IL USA
Annie Teav CPPB Annie Teav, CPPB Happy Valley OR USA
Lynda Toft CPPB Lynda Toft, CPPB Langton ON CAN
Amber Turpin CPPB Amber Turpin, CPPB Knob Noster MO USA
Michelle Uhlorn CPPB Michelle L Uhlorn, CPPB Chandler AZ USA
Melody Uphoff CPPB Melody Robin Uphoff, CPPB Georgetown KY USA
Meaghan Vader CPPB Meaghan Vader, CPPB St. Thomas ON CAN
Lori Van Noort CPPB Lori Van Noort, CPPB Bolton ON CAN
Lisa Villeponteaux CPPB Lisa G Villeponteaux, CPPB Moncks Corner SC USA
Jennifer Walker CPPB Jennifer Elissa Walker, CPPB Olathe KS USA
Stephanie Whalon CPPB Stephanie Anne Whalon, CPPB Abingdon MD USA
LaTonya Williams CPPB LaTonya Shannette Williams, CPPB Atlanta GA USA
Cody Winiesdorffer CPPB Cody Winiesdorffer, CPPB Pittsburgh PA USA
Michele Winterfeldt CPPB Michele Winterfeldt, CPPB San Luis Obispo CA USA
Jennifer Wladischkin CPPB Jennifer S. Wladischkin, CPPB Columbia SC USA
Sukran Yaylaci CPPB Sukran Tuna Yaylaci, CPPB TORONTO ON CAN
Kersha Aerga CPPO Kersha Aerga, CPPO Chesapeake VA USA
Ehab Azab CPPO Ehab Azab, CPPO Tracy CA USA
Austin Bachman CPPO Austin Bachman, CPPO, CPPB Baton Rouge LA USA
Randy Barr CPPO Randy Barr, Sr., CPPO Camden SC USA
Valerie Bollinger CPPO Valerie R. Bollinger, CPPO, CPPB Mountain Home ID USA
Yvette Camel-Smith CPPO Yvette Camel-Smith, CPPO Houston TX USA
Sean Carroll CPPO Sean Carroll, CPPO Albany NY USA
Lindsay Cepero CPPO Lindsay Cepero, CPPO, CPPB Cape Coral FL USA
John Donato CPPO John Donato, CPPO, CPPB Chicago IL USA
Kathleen Fisher CPPO Kathleen M Fisher, CPPO, CPPB Dade City FL USA
Diane Fouche CPPO Diane Fouche, CPPO, CPPB Thurmont MD USA
Claudia Garcia CPPO Claudia A. Garcia, CPPO, CPPB El Paso TX USA
Catherine Ginsberg CPPO Catherine McCall Ginsberg, CPPO Atlanta GA USA
Katherine Hens CPPO Katherine Y. Hens, CPPO, CPPB Le Roy NY USA
Susan Holcomb CPPO Susan Holcomb, CPPO, CPPB Baton Rouge LA USA
Meloni Hurley CPPO Meloni Hurley, CPPO Arlington VA USA
Laura Jackson CPPO Laura K. Jackson, CPPO Reston VA USA
Abdoul Kabaou CPPO Abdoul R Kabaou, CPPO Maumelle AR USA
Maaz Khan CPPO Maaz Khan, CPPO Vaughan ON CAN
Jenny Lafferty CPPO Jenny Dawson Lafferty, CPPO Midway KY USA
Elizabeth Lenhart CPPO Elizabeth Lenhart, CPPO New Cumberland PA USA
Collin Lord CPPO Collin Lord, CPPO Victoria BC CAN
Gerard MacCrossan CPPO Gerard T. MacCrossan, CPPO New Braunfels TX USA
David Marshall CPPO David Marshall, CPPO Toronto ON CAN
Angela Mathews Tranumn CPPO Angela Mathews-Tranumn, CPPO, CPPB Pembroke Pines FL USA
Angela Matiyow CPPO Angela Matiyow, CPPO Tallahassee FL USA
Kelly McClurg CPPO Kelly McClurg, CPPO, CPPB South Chesterfield VA USA
Jennifer McCoy CPPO Jennifer McCoy, CPPO Riverside CA USA
Ann Mehta CPPO Ann Aery Mehta, CPPO Yuba City CA USA
Portia Mina CPPO Portia Alexandra Mina, CPPO, CPPB Orange CA USA
Brenda Mowen CPPO Brenda K. Mowen, CPPO Glen Allen VA USA
Nicole Mucha CPPO Nicole Crockett Mucha, CPPO Wylie TX USA
Crystal Pierson CPPO Crystal Pierson, CPPO, CPPB Tavares FL USA
Maria Pirona CPPO Maria Ann Pirona, CPPO Santa Ana CA USA
Calli Price CPPO Calli A. Price, CPPO Goleta CA USA
Diane Russ CPPO Diane M. Russ, CPPO Burlington KY USA
Michael Sadecki CPPO Michael Sadecki, CPPO, CPPB Lake Worth FL USA
Emma Sears CPPO Emma Sears, CPPO, CPPO Toronto ON CAN
Michael Silk CPPO Michael Silk, CPPO, CPPB Oakland CA USA
Darlene Strong CPPO Darlene Strong, CPPO, CPPB Edmonton AB CAN
Robert Thimens CPPO Robert Skyler Thimens, CPPO Fort Collins CO USA
Jamie Tomaszewski CPPO Jamie L. Tomaszewski, CPPO Annapolis MD USA
Faith Williams CPPO Faith Valeria Mack Williams, CPPO, CPPB Columbia SC USA
Jada Wright CPPO Jada J. Wright, CPPO Baltimore MD USA

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