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Newly certified individuals from the May 2020 exams

First Name Last Name Certification  Full Name City State/Province Country
Chris Allen CPPB Chris Allen, CPPB Peterborough ON CAN
Amel Alsalman CPPB Amel Aouam Alsalman, CPPB Tumwater WA USA
Dwayne Alston CPPB Dwayne D. Alston, CPPB Raleigh NC USA
Foluke Amalu CPPB Foluke Amalu, CPPB Fort McMurray AB CAN
Vanessa Asling CPPB Vanessa Asling, CPPB Oro-Medonte ON CAN
Ellen Ataie CPPB Ellen Ataie, CPPB Allen TX USA
Crystal Bailey CPPB Crystal Bailey, CPPB Charlotte NC USA
David Bakhshaee CPPB David Ali Bakhshaee, CPPB Washington DC USA
Marco Beltran CPPB Marco A. Beltran, CPPB San Antonio TX USA
Tammy Bland CPPB Tammy Keith Bland, CPPB Riner VA USA
Kristi Bonvillain CPPB Kristi Bonvillain, CPPB Baton Rouge LA USA
Michelle Brown CPPB Michelle Lee Brown, CPPB Westminster CO USA
Andrew Buckner CPPB Andrew J. Buckner, CPPB Winter Haven FL USA
David Bundy CPPB David Bundy, CPPB Layton UT USA
Paul Callaway CPPB Paul Callaway, CPPB Kissimmee FL USA
Anita Case CPPB Anita M. Case, CPPB Peoria AZ USA
Russell Chamberlin CPPB Russell Chamberlin, CPPB Ashburn VA USA
Jarrod Chapa CPPB Jarrod A. Chapa, CPPB Columbus OH USA
Tiffany Chen CPPB Tiffany Chen, CPPB Cerritos CA USA
Allan Coldiron CPPB Allan Coldiron, CPPB Frankfort KY USA
Megan Corey CPPB Megan Lynne Corey, CPPB Greene NY USA
Valerie Craig CPPB Valerie Craig, CPPB Clearwater FL USA
Jason Crouch CPPB Jason Crouch, CPPB Aventura FL USA
Kristin Doyle CPPB Kristin Marie Doyle, CPPB Jupiter FL USA
Austin Fox CPPB Austin Shane Fox, CPPB Prosper TX USA
Garrison Frey CPPB Garrison Patrick Frey, CPPB Mount Airy MD USA
Danielle Green CPPB Danielle M. Green, CPPB Charleston IL USA
Jeffrey Groseclose CPPB Jeffrey B. Groseclose, CPPB Christiansburg VA USA
Jocabed Gutierrez CPPB Jocabed Gutierrez, CPPB Austin TX USA
Lyndsay Harvey CPPB Lyndsay Harvey, CPPB Cincinnati OH USA
Julie Hines CPPB Julie Hines, CPPB Columbus OH USA
Shawn Hubbell CPPB Shawn Michael Hubbell, CPPB Eugene OR USA
Sean Hynes CPPB Sean Hynes, CPPB Cocoa Beach FL USA
Craigan Johnson CPPB Craigan R. Johnson, CPPB Fort Worth TX USA
Pamela Johnson-Moore CPPB Pamela Johnson-Moore, CPPB Montgomery AL USA
Dan Jones CPPB Dan Jones, CPPB Columbus OH USA
Shawnequa Junearick CPPB Shawnequa Junearick, CPPB Little Rock AR USA
Carla Kane CPPB Carla Anne Kane, CPPB Kentwood MI USA
Candice Kirtz CPPB Candice S. Kirtz, CPPB Rocky Mount NC USA
Graham LaMontagne CPPB Graham LaMontagne, CPPB Springfield IL USA
Joshua Lewis CPPB Joshua D. Lewis, CPPB Hurricane WV USA
Ronda London CPPB Ronda London, CPPB Radford VA USA
Katherine Manne CPPB Katherine Elizabeth Manne, CPPO, CPPB Sacramento CA USA
Matthew Marsteller CPPB Matthew C. Marsteller, CPPB Lynchburg VA USA
Charlotte Maruno CPPB Charlotte Maruno, CPPB Toronto ON CAN
Julie Maxwell CPPB Julie Smith Maxwell, CPPB Knoxville TN USA
Shonna McBride CPPB Shonna Leah McBride, CPPB Florence AZ USA
Kara-Lee McClellan CPPB Kara-Lee McClellan, CPPB Oakville ON CAN
Leila Milewski CPPB Leila Milewski, CPPB Ocean City MD USA
Brandy Miller CPPB Brandy M. Miller, CPPB Ft Wright KY USA
Erika Montes CPPB E. Yanneth Montes, CPPB Phoenix AZ USA
Alyson Moore CPPB Alyson Moore, CPPB Springfield IL USA
Brandon Morrison CPPB Brandon L. Morrison, CPPB Tucson AZ USA
Alexandra Nobles CPPB Alexandra Nobles, CPPB Wylie TX USA
Daniel Oreda CPPB Daniel Oreda, CPPB Hialeah FL USA
Willard Pearson CPPB Willard Pearson, CPPB Lakewood CO USA
Keishla Perez CPPB Keishla Perez, CPPB Woodbridge VA USA
Amanda Phillips CPPB Amanda Yvonne Phillips, CPPB Longview TX USA
Ryan Quigley CPPB Ryan Quigley, CPPB Plano TX USA
Erin Reilly CPPB Erin Reilly, CPPB Phoenix AZ USA
Shelley Rizzo CPPB Shelley Lynn Rizzo, CPPB Kingston ON CAN
Polina Semenov CPPB Polina Semenov, CPPB Waterloo ON CAN
Andrew Shackelford CPPB Andrew Shackelford, CPPB Springfield IL USA
Kristen Shelton CPPB Kristen Golden Shelton, CPPB Raleigh NC USA
Eric Shibley CPPB Eric Shibley, CPPB West Palm Beach FL USA
Michael Silk CPPB Michael Silk, CPPB Oakland CA USA
Thoryn Simpson CPPB Thoryn Rayn Simpson, CPPB Pittsburgh PA USA
Clayton Stilwell CPPB Clayton A. Stilwell, CPPB Eugene OR USA
Shana Terry CPPB Shana N. Terry, CPPB Woodbridge VA USA
Melissa Tillman CPPB Melissa Rae Tillman, CPPB Lynchburg VA USA
Kelie Timberlake Thomas CPPB Kelie F. Timberlake Thomas, CPPB Phoenix AZ USA
William Vega CPPB William Vega, CPPB Williamsburg VA USA
Adam Vierbickas CPPB Adam Vierbickas, CPPB Orlando FL USA
Annette Walton CPPB Annette L. Walton, CPPB Lincoln NE USA
Dakota Walton-Smith CPPB Dakota Walton-Smith, CPPB Black River Falls WI USA
Theodore White CPPB Theodore Paul White, Jr., CPPB Gainesville FL USA
Kassandra Wilkin CPPB Kassandra A. Wilkin, CPPB Springfield IL USA
Paul Zylstra CPPB Paul D. Zylstra, CPPB Hamilton ON CAN
Annette Bettis CPPO Annette Bettis, CPPO, CPPB Atlanta GA USA
Kyra Blatchford CPPO Kyra Blatchford, CPPO Olathe KS USA
Ryan Bouwhuis CPPO Ryan Bouwhuis, CPPO Prescott AZ USA
James Crenshaw CPPO James Ervin Crenshaw, CPPO Germantown MD USA
Monique Curley CPPO Monique D. Curley, CPPO, CPPB Hopewell VA USA
Jacob Erickson CPPO Jacob Erickson, CPPO Saint Petersburg FL USA
Keami Estep CPPO Keami L. Estep, CPPO Washington DC USA
Laura Hermosillo CPPO Laura Hermosillo, CPPO Denton TX USA
Dean Hof CPPO Dean P. Hof, CPPO Columbia MD USA
Torry Huff CPPO Torry R. Huff, CPPO, CPPB Nokesville VA USA
Sabrina Kimball CPPO Sabrina Kimball, CPPO, CPPB Tampa FL USA
Veronica Knaffla CPPO Veronica L. Knaffla, CPPO, CPPB Duluth MN USA
Delphine Lambert CPPO Delphine G. Lambert, CPPO, CPPB Arlington VA USA
Janina Lewis CPPO Janina Lewis, CPPO Tarpon Springs FL USA
Bryan Lillard CPPO Bryan E. Lillard, CPPO, CPPB Goodlettsville TN USA
Jianchong Luo CPPO Jianchong Luo, CPPO, CPPB Norfolk VA USA
Paige McDonald CPPO Paige McDonald, CPPO, CPPB New Braunfels TX USA
John Pellegrino CPPO John (Jack) M. Pellegrino, CPPO San Diego CA USA
Ted Phillips CPPO Ted Phillips, CPPO, CPPB Kissimmee FL USA
Jill Poolman CPPO Jill Marie Poolman, CPPO, CPPB Palm Coast FL USA
Michelle Shatula CPPO Michelle Shatula, CPPO St. Albert AB CAN
Sharon Smith CPPO Sharon L Smith, CPPO Anchorage AK USA
Alex Strudley CPPO Alex J. Strudley, CPPO, CPPB Ben Lomond CA USA
Deborah Tyler CPPO Deborah Landy Tyler, CPPO, CPPB Wagener SC USA

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